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Access Control System


  • Empower members in good standing to access the space securely and conveniently at any time of day
  • Provide the ability to control access with ability to add, revoke, and suspend access remotely, securely, and in realtime
  • Log all system events for statistics and security auditing
  • Provide realtime data to building and data network for other projects such as automation, building interaction, heating and lighting control, etc.

User Instructions

  1. Obtain an access token (RFID key fob) from delegated member
  2. Place access token against window overtop reader next to front door
  3. If access granted, the door will begin to unlock immediately
  4. When leaving:
    1. Turn off all electrical loads and equipment which must be secured
    2. Close windows
    3. Close and lock garage door (simple lock, so Enzo can still get in)
    4. Close blinds
    5. Turn off all lighting
    6. Close front door
    7. Press LOCK button on door keypad and verify that deadbolt completely locks

Contact Matthew Currie on cell @ 250-755-6998 with issues as they may arise, at any hour.

Future Plans

  • Provide visual and audible feedback of access control authentication process
  • Provide (discrete) visual indication of alarm status
  • Communications fan-out system for use in the event of system fault and alarm conditions
  • Integrate with PBX telephone system for alternative authentication. Receive SMS text message back with one-time-use code to ensure authenticity.
  • Provide alternative RFID input means. System is currently 125 kHz. Plan to support NFC, mifare, etc.
  • Integrate with web site for user-accessible logging and keyfob assignment purposes
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