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Goals and Principles

  • Maintain a flexible network infrastructure to support the build-out of additional systems in the Makerspace
  • Utilize industry standards and best practices where possible to increase reliablity and supportability of services
  • Partition networks and services where possible for (a) security; and to (b) reduce inadvertant disruptions to core services from misconfigured member hardware
  • Facilitate teaching and demonstration of such technology


Provide a managed wireless network connection for members to utilize while at the space.

Consider authentication beyond simple WPA-PSK?

Gabe: FreeRADIUS and EAP would be ideal. Members could be assigned WLAN credentials via their MakerAccount.


Provide wired LAN ports via structured wiring ports for (a) workstations; (b) member projects and testing purposes.

Proposed networks

Separate networks with routing and firewalling between:

  • Core Services (NAS, VM Host, Routing Mgmt)
  • Security and Access Control
  • Workstations & Teaching Resources
  • MakerUserSpace
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