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Makerspace Nanaimo is a private members club located in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Members pay monthly dues for access to a workshop with a collection of shared tools and space. The workshop is a collaborative space where members share not only communal tools but also pool their unique knowledge and points of view to develop new skills. The space is available 24/7 to members.


There are three levels of membership.

Membership cannot and will not be awarded in exchange for goods and/or services.

Members - $40 /month

Full members receive 24/7 access to the space and their own dedicated key fob with identity number. Members receive access to certain restricted tools and machines at the space after proper training. Members have full voting rights.

Friends - $20 /month

Friend members have 24/7 supervised access to the space, meaning that Friends may use the space with the understanding that they are required to be supervised by a full member with a dedicated key fob. As a courtesy to the responsible Full member, Friends are expected to arrive/leave at the same time or arrive after/leave before supervising members.

Friend members may not leave projects or personal effects at the space without prior notification and approval from other members. Friend members receive access to certain restricted tools and machines at the space after proper training.

Friend members have no voting rights.

Assistance with Dues

In the event a potential member is not able to meet the fiscal obligations of either level of membership, they are encouraged to talk privately with other members to work out alternative monetary arrangements that meet one of the two above categories.

Joining Makerspace Nanaimo

Makerspace will be open to the public on designated evenings between 7:00pm and 10:00 pm. These dates will be posted on the website. Non-members are encouraged to come down during that time and talk to current members and look at the current projects members are working on. To join, the application process is as follows:

  • Fill out the personal and contact information section of the membership form. Makerspace provides a new member binder to store these forms in.
  • After filling out the top section of the form, the new member has up to two months to get two sponsorship signatures from existing members. These signatures verify that the members have talked to you at length and can vouch for your candidacy as a member.
  • After receiving two signatures, you are now a n00b–a new member on a one month probationary period. The one month probationary period does not begin until the first month’s dues are paid. The probationary period does not apply to friend members as such members do not receive keys or voting rights. During the probationary period, the member has all access rights friend members have.
  • At the end of the probationary period the member receives his or her personal key fob, 24/7 access and voting privileges.

Termination of Membership

Membership may be terminated in the following cases:

  • Members are considered non-members after not paying dues for two consecutive months with no attempt to contact the board of directors and/or bank signatories. In the event a member has not paid for two consecutive months but contacts the board/signatories and provides a due date for all dues in arrears, the membership will not be terminated.
  • If a member engages in behavior/activity that puts the member or others at risk (e.g.: disregard for personal safety equipment (PSE) while using machines). Members are encouraged to intervene when seeing other members disregarding health and safety (H&S) regulations. Members who display abusive or offensive behavior will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Abuse and threats towards any other individual will not be tolerated by the organization. In the event a member behaves in a way that requires discipline from the group, the members will vote on the member’s place in the organization at the subsequent members meeting.
  • In the event a member commits an egregious or violent act, the member’s key fob may be disabled at the discretion of the Board prior to the subsequent members meeting

Being a Member

Makerspace Nanaimo is a “do-ocracy”. Members are asked to keep all common workspaces clean, to ensure that no food waste or other vermin-encouraging waste is left behind and to be excellent to each other. The space is used by many different members over the course of the week and members may be using the space to host guest events. All items in the space, including cleaning supplies, refreshments, and tools (large and small) are donated. All tools and common areas are to be treated with respect. If a member or guest takes an item from the fridge, they are requested to leave a donation in lieu. Suggested donation amounts are located on the fridge door. If a member or guest uses a large amount of a common item, like dish soap or hand sanitizer, they are requested to replace the item or to donate cash towards replacing the item. The cardinal rule of Makerspace is “Be Excellent to Each Other” and members are expected to treat the space and the other members with the utmost respect.

Being Excellent

Makerspace is a safe environment free from harassment, disrespect and bullying. Members are expected to act with discretion and to engage in respectful behavior with all other members and invited guests.

In the event that a member is consistently observed making disrespectful comments or acting in a disrespectful manner, a member can table a vote at the subsequent monthly meeting regarding the future membership privileges of the infractionary member, up to and including termination of membership.

Equipment Training

Select machines and equipment at Makerspace are considered restricted equipment for the following reasons:

  • The machine is considered dangerous to the operator or people nearby;
  • The machine requires specialized knowledge to operate properly; or
  • The owner has placed special restrictions on it.

In order to operate said machines, members are required to be trained in the safe operation of the equipment. In some cases the training may be assumed by convincing the qualified users or the owner of the equipment that you are qualified to safely operate the equipment. The purpose of the training has three priorities (in decreasing order of importance):

  • To ensure the safety of the members
  • To avoid damage or undue wear to the equipment.
  • To assist in productive use of the equipment


Member meetings are held at the space on a monthly basis, schedule will be posted on the Makerspace Nanaimo Wiki (

Members set the agenda by posting items for discussion to the meeting's page on the wiki up to 24 hours before the beginning of the scheduled meeting to allow all members time to review agenda items and prepare any responses or thoughts on agenda items.

Voting at meetings

All members receive one vote with their membership. Voting is done by show of hands and a vote passes with 2/3 majority. As such, if there are 20 members present and a vote is taken then 13 must vote in favor, if 30 present then 20 must vote in favor etc. It is important to attend meetings that contain items on the agenda that matter to you.

In certain circumstances, such as the election of the Board at the AGM, permit voting with secret ballot. Any vote can be put to secret ballot provided a member generates the ballots and two (2) members review the ballots after voting.

Board of Directors

Makerspace elects directors to the board on a yearly basis. Any full member who is current on his or her dues can run for directorship. Directors are signing authorities on the bank account and can collect and deposit dues and write cheques for rent and utilities. Directors also approve all promotional materials and any documents for public distribution.

Makerspace has made a conscious decision to not appoint officers and all items requiring sign off (be it a fiscal or legal matter) are to go through the directors.

The directors of Makerspace Nanaimo Ltd. for the start up period and the 2014/15 fiscal are:

  1. Jim Baker
  2. Chris Caswell
  3. Rebecca Kirk
  4. Craig Reitmeier
  5. Chuck Saffin

The directors can be accessed directly by members through the Makerspace members list or by emailing: The Board is set at no less than three (3) directors and no more than seven (7). As such, the Board may see it fit to elect additional directors during the fiscal year. Per the Articles of Association, this can be done at a member meeting or the Board can decide to appoint a director as they see fit.

Guest Policy

A Guest is an individual who is not a Member or Friend in good standing. On non-open house nights, all guests will be required to sign in as guests of their sponsoring member or friend member.

The following will be considered Guests under this policy:

  • Individuals visiting the space on a on a one-off basis when there is no open house in progress
  • Individuals visiting the space twice or more per week during a condensed period of time, not longer than a month, (this can be extended with the permission of the Directors) while working on an existing member’s project. Members are requested to give notice to the email list when bringing non-members into the space on a frequent basis.

Guests who are working on a member's project must be accompanied by the member at all times. The responsible member must notify the membership in advance that a named guest will be coming to the space to work on the project during the allotted one month time period. Just showing up is not permitted.

Special Events

Members are welcome to host special events, including events with invited guests, at the space any time except during scheduled open houses. A member must announce the guest event to the membership list at least 24 hours before the special event. This includes events such as but not limited to bringing a group/classroom/potential donors on a tour, holding a public speaker event, a demonstration event or a training event. Donations by attendees are encouraged and recommended especially for special speaker events or special training events.

At no time may a member allow a guest event to supersede the rights of other members to use the space within reason (i.e. when a talk is scheduled, a member who is using the space for other purposes is expected to be quiet, but does not have to engage in the event at hand).

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