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This is a list of sponsors and members who are responsible for approaching them. If you would like to add a sponsor to the list, please do so before approaching them, this will ensure that you have a chance to confirm that no other members are already pursuing sponsorship from them. Any sponsors interested in our “alternative” sponsorship options can be referred to Craig Reitmeier,, to discuss options.

You can download our sponsorship brochure here.

Sponsor Name Contact Name Member Responsible Notes
Island West Coast Developments Chris Caswell
Stellar Research Corporation Chris Caswell
TD Canada Trust Nanaimo Branches Chris Caswell
VMAC Peter Dahle
Fastenal Peter Dahle
Motion Canada / BC Bearing Peter Dahle
Slegg Lumber Peter Dahle
Metal Supermarket Peter Dahle
AJ Forsythe / Russel Metals Peter Dahle
McKay's Electronic Experts Cliff Bryans Pending
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