Industrial Sewing Machine

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  • Make: Mason Sunstar
  • Model: KM-340BL
  • Description:
    • High Speed,1-Needle, Upper and Lower Feed, Lock Stitch Sewing Machine with Vertical Large Hook, double capacity rotary hook.
    • “The KM-340BL walking foot is suitable for sewing synthetic leather, vinyl, leather, rubber, canvas, horse blankets and light to medium upholstery….”
  • Data Sheet: PDF, 1MB
  • Manual: PDF, 2MB
  • Parts Book: PDF, 3MB
  • Purchased by Makerspace Nanaimo, May 2020


Application Medium Material~Heavy Material
Max. Sewing Speed Max. 2,000 spm
Max. Stitch Length Max. 9 mm
Needle Bar Stroke 34.7 mm
Thread Take-up Stroke 71.5 mm
Height of Presser Foot By Hand : 8mm / By Knee : 14mm (Max.)
The Height of Between Main and Sub Presser Foot 2-5mm
Hook Double-capacity rotary hook
Needle DP×17 #23 (DB×1~#21)
Motor Clutch Motor