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Where can I work on my project at Makerspace?

Besides meeting and collaboration space, Makerspace Nanaimo offers a few options for larger tables to work at. These tables are for members to work on their projects, and it is expected that the tables will be left clear of items and cleaned up after use.

Metal shop table
(4 x 7 feet)
Soldering area
(2 tables 3.5 x 5 feet)
  • Front room: The front room has 3 large tables (4 x 8 feet) on wheels, they can be put together or spun around as desired. Each table has a pair of power outlets under each corner.
  • Wood shop: The wood shop has 3 tables (approx 3 x 4 feet) for woodworking projects. Anything that produces sawdust should be done in the wood shop.
  • Metal shop: The metal shop has a large table (4 x 7 feet) near the lathe.
  • Soldering area: The soldering area has two tables (3.5 x 5 feet), normally placed end-to-end, each with a set of 4 power outlets and 2 USB outlets on it. Fans connected to ducting are available to extract solder fumes out the window.

Planned update: (February 2019)

  • Back room: The back room / metal shop area may get two tables (4 x 5 feet) on wheels. These tables could be built to be 36" tall (countertop height) for a comfortable standing workplace.

Other tables:

  • Folding table: There is a 3.5 x 6 foot folding table stored in the back room, that can be setup when needed.
    • (TODO: check these dimensions)
  • Front room/kitchen: There is a 3.5 foot round table in the kitchen area of the front room.