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Reci 100W Laser Engrave Machine eBay.jpg


After some discussion about getting a laser cutter for the Makerspace, a laser cutter has been purchased.


The laser cutter arrived Friday, January 11, 2019.

The laser cutter is being commissioned - installation, testing, and calibration should be complete by the end of January.

new laser cutter on pallet

The machine we have is:

Also required:

  • Ventilation
  • Fire suppression
  • Safety glasses
  • Laser power meter - received 0-200W laser power meter "POWERGAUGE V1" from eBay seller ukemm_qewpbhg
  • Cart / Stand (4'W x 3'D x 2'H)
    • Ken is working on a design for a stand, w/space for chiller.
  • 0-30ma DC Analog Ammeter
  • Spares / Consumables
    • Mirrors (3), diameter?
    • Focus Lens (1), diameter? focal length?
    • Cleaning swabs
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • DI water for chiller


Proposal documents for laser cutter and funding:


  • WORKSHOP FEE – $50 (One-time payment)
  • MONTHLY USAGE FEE – $10/mo (Subscription per calendar month)




Thingiverse - Material Test Card for Laser Cutting and Engraving (SVG)

Sample - rubber stamp made with 80W laser

Laser cut stamp rubber side.jpg Laser cut stamp wood side.jpg

This stamp was made on an 80W laser cutter at at Schaffenburg e.V. (Germany). The Makerspace Nanaimo logo was taken from the front page of the website and prepared for the laser cutter in a few minutes. This stamp is in a ziploc bag with an ink pad on the front desk at the Makerspace.

Youtube video - 80W laser engraving rubber Makerspace Nanaimo stamp

Other laser cutter uses and example projects

Laser cut seaweed for sushi

YouTube playlist - laser cutters

Learning Resources

Youtube - Sarbar Multimedia / RDWorks Learning Lab

Youtube - Thinklaser

CNC Zone - Laser Cutter subforum

Reddit - Lasercutting