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What infrastructure is available for meet-ups and collaboration?

At Makerspace Nanaimo we encourage meet-ups and collaboration among members and the community. In the front room of Makerspace Nanaimo, we have:

Front room of Makerspace Nanaimo during MakeTime for Kids event January 2019
  • Three tables (each 4 x 8 feet), with power outlets, and more than a dozen chairs.
    • Ten additional chairs available around soldering tables.
    • There's also a couple couches for more relaxed seating.
  • Projector (1080p)
    • Inputs: HDMI and Chromecast
    • Screen size: 119" 16:9
    • Bluray/DVD/CD player
  • White board.
  • WiFi internet access.
  • Kitchen area: Keurig coffee maker, electric kettle, microwave, fridge.

Users of the space available at Makerspace are expected to clean up after themselves. We do not have a janitorial staff at Makerspace, and everybody here is a volunteer.