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A list of equipment and supplies at Makerspace, for office-type tasks. Most of these items are located at the front desk right by the front door.

  • Printers:
    • HP laser printer - black & white, networked (beside front desk)
    • Brother laser printer/scanner/copier - black & white (connected by USB to the PC on the front desk)
  • Paper cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Tape
    • Transparent (scotch) tape (front desk and metalshop wall)
    • Painter (masking) tape (metalshop wall)
    • Electrical tape (metalshop wall or electronics workbench)
  • Pens (front desk)
  • Pencils (front desk)
  • Sharpies (front desk)
  • Scissors (front desk)
  • Ruler (front desk)
  • Overhead transparencies (drawers beside front desk)
  • Stamps and ink pad (front desk)
  • Post it notes (front desk)
  • Letter-size white paper (drawers beside front desk)
  • Legal-size white paper (drawers beside front desk)
  • Coloured paper (drawers beside front desk)
  • Cover stock (drawers beside front desk)
  • 3 foot wide, 150' long of printer paper