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Further details on the PCB Prototyping Machine's spindle/collet system and assembly.

File:ETI Collet Sales Order.pdf

The part numbers for the Excellon collet which was manufactured by Jevco and is sold by ETI is:

  • ETI P# = P-036
  • Jevco P# = CD1000
  • Excellon P# = 202163-13

They can be purchased from this supplier:


The collets are very fragile and must be handled with care. Treat them as if they were glass and you will be ok. Take note that the collet has an adapter attached to it you will need to remove the adapter to use on the new collet when you get it. The adapter is assembled with loctite it will be difficult to get off without heating it with a hot air gun or flame then it will unscrew. When assembling and handling the new collet it is always best to keep a tool in the collet this will reduce the odds of you breaking it by squeezing the fingers.

The fastener used on the top to pull the draw bar up is a modified precision shoulder screw from McMaster-Carr. We reduce the head diameter on a lathe for proper fit other then that it is a off the shelf part. We have had a few different designs over the life of that model if you can supply some dimensions we will be able to make you a new one. I need to know the total length, length of the shoulder and diameter of the shoulder as well as the head diameter the screw pitch should be 6-32.

PCB Spindle Assembly.JPG