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All items left in the Makerspace need to be labelled with the owner's name and the date it was left at the space. Makerspace does not have space for long term storage of items.

To facilitate proper labelling of ongoing projects, we have a tag system in place.

Anything left at Makerspace is left at your own risk. Makerspace and the membership accept no responsibility for damage, accident, or loss.

Green Tag: "Parking Pass"

Green tags are for:

  • Projects or other items belonging to a member, temporarily left at Makerspace.


  • All items​ left in the space should have a green tag put on them.

The green tag lists the ​name​ and ​contact information (email or phone) for the owner of the item, and a date indicating when the item was left.

Green tags are valid for 2 weeks​ from the date on the tag. After 2 weeks a yellow tag “parking ticket” may be put on the item.

For ongoing projects, green tags can have the date updated by the owner to reset the 2 week counter​.

Green tags can be found at the front desk. In case you can't find a green tag, put a note on your project with your name, the date, and contact email or phone #.

Yellow Tag: "Parking Ticket"

Yellow tags are for:

  • Items without a tag


  • An expired green tag

The date on a yellow tag indicates when the item owner was contacted​.

Yellow tags are valid for one week before being elevated to a red tag.

If the owner of the item is unknown, send an email to about the item when attaching a yellow tag.

Red Tag: "Tow Tag"

Red tags are for:

  • Items with an expired yellow tag

A​ yellow tag dated more than one week ago​ gets elevated to a red tag.

An item with a red tag can be removed​ from Makerspace, recycled, or claimed by any member who chooses to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can tag items?

The storage tag system is in place so that all Makerspace members can act to keep the space clean and organized. Be sure to notify the owner of an item before putting a date on a yellow tag, to give people a chance to promptly claim any forgotten items.

Members are expected to put a green tag on any of their own projects or items left at Makerspace to avoid getting a yellow tag ("parking ticket").

Where should I store my project that has a green tag?

Try to keep things out of the way of others, and don't block access to tools and workspace.

Keep in mind that others may need to move your project out of the way so that they can make use of the Makerspace tools and workspace.

My project will take more than the 2 week green tag period, how do I tag it?

When you are at Makerspace working on your project, update the green tag to the current date to restart the 2 week period.

If you won't be returning to Makerspace within 2 weeks to continue your project, please remove it from the space. We have limited space available, and other members need room to work on their projects.

I put a yellow tag on something but I don't know how to contact the owner, how should I tag it?

Items left without an indication of who owns it, or how to contact them, should get a yellow tag. Before putting a date on the yellow tag, send an email to the membership email list,, describing the item that has been yellow tagged. Note that the email list will strip any attachments, including photos.

After an email has been sent to the members list, the yellow tag can have the date put on it. The yellow tag will then be valid for one week before it is elevated to a red tag.

When I contact another member about their item with a yellow tag, how long do I have to wait for a response?

When you have sent a message to (or phoned) the contact listed on the green tag, you can put the date on the yellow tag. If you are not sure if the message was received, send an email about it to the membership email list

It is every members' responsibility to care for their own items and projects left at Makerspace. The membership email list is our best way to communicate with all members, everyone should ensure they can read these messages.