Wood Lathe

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New Lathe.png It's manual is here: (PDF)


  • Make: Nova Orion by Teknatool
  • Model: 55253
  • Specs:
    • Swings 18", 22" or 44" between centres
    • Tailstock travel 3"
    • MT2 on headstock and tailstock, 1 1/4"x8tpi threaded headstock
    • Cast iron ways and a swivel head
  • Work mounting methods:
    • Faceplate: 6 inch, has two mounting diameters: 80 mm and 120 mm, 4 holes each (#8 screws?--check)
    • Nova Titan III 4-jaw scroll chuck. Opens to about 136 mm, but best results would be just bigger than the closed diameter of 107 mm.
    • between centers: MT-2 4-spur drive center; MT-2 live center for tailstock
  • The two centers are stored in the tailstock, along with necessary Allen keys
  • The chuck and faceplate both require that their setscrew be tightened once they are threaded on so they will not unwind when the lathe is used in reverse.