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Code of Conduct

  1. All guests and members must follow the Code of Conduct.
  2. Safety is important, if you are unsure of how to safely do something, don’t do it.
  3. Don't merely respect each other; be excellent to each other.
    • We are all here to make things and learn. Collaboration is important.
    • When you break something, own up to it. If you have any doubt about fixing it, ask for help. Don't make someone feel bad for breaking things, help them understand what went wrong. You will not be asked to replace/repair equipment due to honest mistakes, we just want to know why something broke so we can prevent it in the future.
    • Clean, Maintain, Organize, Improve. Always leave the space better than you found it.<ref>This includes taking out the trash, wiping down tables, vacuuming/sweeping floors, returning tools to the proper place, etc.
    • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Answer them kindly; eventually you'll have to ask for help too.
    • Tools/resources must stay on the premises so that other members may use them.<ref>Removing tools/resources from the space without authorisation from the Leadership Team is theft.
  4. Everyone must sign a liability waiver.
  5. All members are expected to maintain a safe and clean environment at all times.
  6. Don't catch fire, set others on fire, or set anything on fire which has not been designated or designed to be on fire.
  7. Harmful behavior, harrassment, stalking, theft, hazing, and otherwise being the opposite of excellent is unacceptable.
  8. It is the responsibility of each member to help enforce the Code of Conduct. If someone is violating the Code of Conduct politely explain to them why their behaviour is not acceptable. Egregious violations should be reported to the Leadership Team.


  1. Guests can not inhabit the Nanaimo Makerspace without another keyed Member present.
  2. If guests are using tools and workspace alongside you, we ask they make a drop-in donation of $5/visit.
  3. Guests must sign a liability waiver immediately upon entering the space.
  4. Guests are encouraged to become Members.
  5. Members are responsible for their Guests and their actions.


  1. The Nanaimo Makerspace is not a day care.
  2. Minors 16 and under must be accompanied closely by Parent or Legal Guardian at all times and are not allowed to have keys to the space.
    1. Accompanied closely means visual range generally, and immediate reach when near dangerous tools.
  3. Parents/Legal Guardians are responsible for their children and their actions.
  4. Minors under the age of 18 must have their liability form signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian.


Please contact the Leadership Team with any comments or complaints that you have.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Nanaimo Makerspace does not promote or discriminate against any person, population group, or organisation. These include, but are not limited to race, colour, religion, sex, gender expression, physical appearance, language, education background, national origin, age, disability, and veteran status.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Harassment is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any person who feels they have been the victim of harassment should ask the harasser to cease the behavior, if they feel safe doing so. Members or guests asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. Harassment includes the following, without limitation:

  1. Offensive comments related to race, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance
  2. Gratuitous sexual or obscene images or behavior in spaces where not appropriate
  3. Unwelcome physical contact or sexual attention without consent or after a request to stop
  4. Threats or incitement of violence towards any individual, including encouraging a person to engage in self-harm
  5. Deliberate intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or menacing behavior
  6. Stalking
  7. Harassing photography or recording, including logging online activity for harassment purposes
  8. Continued one-on-one contact or communication after requests to cease
  9. Deliberate "outing" of a sensitive aspect of a person’s identity without their consent
  10. Deliberate misgendering. This includes deadnaming or persistently using a pronoun that does not correctly reflect a person's gender identity


  1. The Nanaimo Makerspace is not a storage facility. Projects and materials that do not follow these rules, will be considered donations.
  2. Projects (and materials for them) can only be temporarily stored in undesignated areas. Personal Filing cabinet storage is available upon request.
  3. Projects (and materials for them) stored in undesignated areas must be labelled with Name, Current date, expected duration of stay.
  4. Projects (and materials for them) that have stagnated and are no longer active, will be asked to be removed from the space.
  5. Firearms, gunpowder, primers, and assembled ammunition cannot be stored at the Makerspace.

Loaning of Tools & Equipment To The Makerspace

Members can generously provide tools or equipment for use in the space, either by donating them outright or by loaning them.

When equipment is loaned, the following conditions apply:

  1. All loaned equipment must be marked or labeled with the owner's name
  2. The owner must contact the Leadership Team so that they can record the following information:
    1. Name of owner
    2. Equipment being loaned
    3. Serial number if available
    4. Terms or conditions of the loan
  3. Equipment is loaned subject to the understanding that it is preferable for DMS to own their equipment, rather than borrow it. DMS may seek to buy equipment in order to replace loaned items, which are then returned.
  4. Loaned items may be returned at any time, by request of the owner or as determined by the Operations and Facilities Committee.
  5. DMS is NOT responsible for maintenance of loaned equipment, but may maintain it as determined by the Operations and Facilities Committee.
  6. DMS is NOT responsible for the damage, theft, or loss of equipment. However, efforts will be made to provide reasonably secure storage.



  1. Donations of items intended to be used or consumed by the DMS
    1. Must be explicitly accepted by the Leadership Team
    2. The Treasurer may reject donations at their discretion
    3. Donations not explicitly accepted by the Leadership Team will not be accepted by Nanaimo Makerspace; if the donor delivers them to Nanaimo Makerspace without explicit acceptance they will be disposed of as seen fit


These guidelines are not officially part of the Rules or Bylaws and are only meant to provide additional information or an interpretation of the Rules and/or Bylaws.