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NOTE: This list may not be kept up to date and may have non-members listed.

Purpose of this List

This is a voluntarily and manually updated list. It's purpose is to have a place to put a name to a face, and perhaps get to know each-other a little better.

See Also: Makerspace Nanaimo Wiki user list - for is a list of all users who have accounts on the Makerspace Nanaimo wiki, which includes anyone from the general public who'd like to sign up and participate.

Member List

This is a partial list of (past and present) members of Makerspace Nanaimo who have added their information to the list.

Member Joined Photo Handle/Nick Preferred Contact
(Name) (Joined) (Handle/Nickname) (phone/email/etc)

If your name is a link, it means you have an account on this wiki and clicking your name will take you to your profile page if you have created one.

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