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Canada Learning Code - Central Vancouver Island
A national not-for-profit organization championing digital literacy education, working nation-wide and across all sectors to equip Canadians with technical skills.

Nanaimo Astronomy Society
A gathering of like-minded folk who meet monthly to enjoy their favorite avocation, All things Astronomically related! We have a mix of amateur astronomers, retired Professional Astronomers, and folks who just enjoy discussing all things Space/Astronomy related.

The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild (MIWG)
A resource for people interested in all facets of woodworking on central Vancouver Island. The goal is to help bring together people who want to learn more about woodworking as well as those who have experience and to share knowledge and skills with one another.

Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society (NS3)
The mission of the NS3 is to inspire children and develop their interest in science and sustainability through hands-on learning.

Mid Island Lego Users Group (MILUG)
A community of adult LEGO fans with a variety of building interests and skill levels throughout all communities in the mid island area of Vancouver Island, BC who share a love of LEGO